Inspeeration x CREAI

 The photos are out!

Hello and Welcome!

It was awesome to have you with us on the Inspeeration X CREAI afternoon, at the crossroads of AI and creative minds. The activities were crafted to spark your curiosity and dive into a world where technology meets imagination. We look back at a fruitful event, with lots of new insights and connections.  

With interactive experiences, we’ve bridged learning with doing – stretching our understanding while getting our hands on real-world applications. You've experienced a space where you could ponder the dance between human and artificial creativity, and explore exciting yet uncertain paths ahead. 

We hope you have enjoyed joining in, exchanging ideas, and contributing to a growing circle of thinkers and doers. 

Let’s foster a community that flourishes on shared knowledge and new discoveries. With connected creativity as our compass, the initiators invite you to keep navigating and exploring the possibilities ahead!